has launched!!!

The website is ready! It will continue to change in the future days and weeks, but finally, the One Billion Catholic Stories begins! Blessings to you on the beginning of this New Year, let us together jump off of our fences in 2010!

* Just so you know, this blog will be ending soon. It has been a good ride, but now it is time to focus upon the, which will have its own blog!


4 Responses to “ has launched!!!”

  1. Br. Bill Arlia ofm cap. Says:

    Hey Seth,
    Great meeting you in Orlando. It was a great day, that I’m sure, will bear fruit for our Capuchin province of friars and ultimately for the building of God’s Kingdom! By the way, how do I see that video?

  2. Thank you for your work and commitment to Jesus and our faith direction…love, dad

  3. Tom Navarrette Says:

    Bless you…..stay strong…..Navarrette family

  4. Was just listening to U2’s albums. What an array of masterpieces.
    The quietude & solemnity of With or Without You, and its ultimate power triumphant. Joshua Tree is a masterpiece.
    The grittiness and grime of Berlin conveyed in Achtung Baby.
    An even better album.
    Zooropa & Pop are superb too.
    Constant in Faith

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