Project Description Video – 4 of 5

Here is 4 of 5 (watch video # 1, 2 & 3 below). Stay tuned over the next day  to learn more about the project launching in January 2010. There will be five videos total, all about five minutes long. Blessings, and if you have one extra minute, perhaps you could post this to your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other social networking pages. Thanks ahead of time and stay tuned! SJD


One Response to “Project Description Video – 4 of 5”

  1. With all the pressures, responsibilites, and frustrations a person has in life everyday, it’s sometimes easy to lose faith, and hard to even hear Gods direction. I’m so inspired and proud of you and your willingness to follow Gods path for you…. About your project..My parents live in Artesia NM, and would provide shelter, and whatever else you need. My Mom, and her sisters, could share stories with you about their faith, and what the Church means to them. Let me know if you’re going that way. Thanks for all you do. Tom

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