Project Description Video – 2 of 5

Here is 2 of 5 (watch video # 1 below). Stay tuned over the next 3 days to learn more about the project launching in January 2010. There will be five videos total, all about five minutes long. Blessings, and if you have one extra minute, perhaps you could post this to your Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking page. Thanks ahead of time and stay tuned! SJD


2 Responses to “Project Description Video – 2 of 5”

  1. Gina Jones Says:

    Just a note to let you know how happy I am to see a young man such as you answering God’s call. You remind me of the flickering flame of a candle in darkness….it gives comfort to those who look upon it. I am praying you will continue to give that light to many other young people so that the world will have to take notice.

    • sjdemoor85 Says:

      And it is encouragement from angels like yourself whom will be the support for those candles in the darkness. Keep coming back to watch the other videos, the project description is just getting under way. Blessings SJD

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