Project Video 1 of 5 – each 5 minutes long

Finally, the project videos, here is 1 of 5. Stay tuned over the next five days to learn more about the project launching in January 2010. There will be five videos total, all about five minutes long. Blessings, and if you have one extra minute, perhaps you could post this to your Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking page. Thanks ahead of time and stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Project Video 1 of 5 – each 5 minutes long”

  1. This will go on my facebook….if I can have my Sarah post it for me…I don’t know how to do it….Tom

  2. Great vlog! Quite frankly, your a very articulate and dynamic speaker. I was impressed. I checked out your blog after the comment you left on the blog. Thank you for that. All the best.

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