World Youth Day – Part I

Liturgically, World Youth Day must be one of the most spectacular celebrations during a pontiff’s service to the Church. For the public witness entirely shatters the world’s mold of Catholic worship. Tragically though, dear friends within my generation grow increasingly skeptical and indignant with their perceived royalty of the Catholic Church and its 2,000 year old worship. The bells, the smells, the crosiers and mitres, are the outward signs that fuel their illiterate notions. However, to avoid going afield with this sticker, defending the rich depth of the Catholic liturgy must await another day. But we must be aware that liturgical illiteracy and respect continues its unfettered course in 2009; I literally know the evidence. Of course Catholics have the chapels and basilicas, the vestments and mitres, but we also have 2 million young people sleeping under the stars, awaiting the holy sacrifice of the Mass! This is the leaping point from which World Youth Day will be explored in future posts, Mass with the Holy Father in plush fields of the young lay faithful. Come back for further exploration into this liturgical festival, into this too-well-kept secret of Catholic tradition. World Youth Day


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