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Project Video 1 of 5 – each 5 minutes long

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Finally, the project videos, here is 1 of 5. Stay tuned over the next five days to learn more about the project launching in January 2010. There will be five videos total, all about five minutes long. Blessings, and if you have one extra minute, perhaps you could post this to your Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking page. Thanks ahead of time and stay tuned!


Book Review: The Confessions

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Born in 354 AD in North Africa, St. Augustine has become a beacon of hope for all human beings. A filthy sinner of the flesh turned saint by his death in 430 AD, St. Augustine must go down as one of the greatest to pass through the 2,000 years of Catholic heritage. “The Confessions” is one work that will affect its reader forever. Why? We are human, like Augustine, which means we attempt to escape the snares and thickets of sin daily, even hourly. And like Augustine, who use to not have St. as his title, he was like us earthlings, moving upstream against the culture, fads, and whims of secular forces. But like

The Confessions, by St. Augustine 354 - 430 AD

Augustine, we too can strive, and at times dive under and emerge on the other side unscathed by societal mediocrity. We can be saints! What are you waiting for? Harness first the power of the soul, as Augustine did one thousand six hundred years ago. “My soul, why do you face about and follow the lead of the flesh? Turn forward, and let it follow you!” Lust, drunkenness, fornication, theft, and pride were routine undertakings in Augustine’s daily walkabout. The sin of the flesh overtook him, but then, ‘his soul turned about.’ The turn was not instantaneous. The will of the flesh and the will of the soul went to battle. After years, not days or months, years, the will of Augustine’s soul made him a saint. Immerse yourself in these words to gain insight into the fall, the battle within, and the hope we all should carry that we will partake of the saintly Banquet in Heaven.

Weekly Quote: St Augustine

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Quote drawn from the Confessions. By St. Augstine, 354-430 AD






“My soul, why do you face about and follow the lead of the flesh? Turn forward, and let it follow you!”

Sunday Snapshot: Padre Pio

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FOCUS: Fellowship of Catholic University Students

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Are you alive? Do you wake up dreading the grind of the daily tasks? Really. Stop reading. Think about it. Because if we do not get at this, it will get at us. If we do not get at ‘being alive,’ then were dead. And the time we have here is too good to waste away in mediocrity.

Do you want to live on the edge for the rest of your life? Do you want to awake daily, knowing that you are on a mission? If so, click on the picture above and register for the FOCUS National Conference 2010 in Orlando, Florida!

From December 30th – January 3rd, thousands of college students will descend upon the World Marriott Center to be awoken to life. ‘Rise, let us be on our way.’ JPII

New Name Same Mission

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Have no fear, the mission remains the same behind a different name. Still trying to find the grounding for this project, patience and trust will bring it forth. Blessings

Weekly Quote: St. Hyppolitus of Rome

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St. Hippolytus of RomeLet everyone take care that no unbaptized person taste the Eucharist, nor a mouse or other animal, and that none of it fall and be lost. For it is the body of Christ to be consumed by those who believe and not to be treated lightly. Drawn from the Apostolic Tradition by St. Hyppolitus of Rome, written in 215 AD.