Quote of the Week

Pope Benedict XVI

“The world offers you comfort, you were not made for comfort, but for greatness.”
-Pope Benedict XVI


6 Responses to “Quote of the Week”

  1. Do you have a reference fro this quote? It is a fantastic summary of his teaching, I’d love to use it in my teaching 🙂

    • sjdemoor85 Says:

      Unfortunately I do not have an exact speech or homily from which this quote came from, apologies for that. But I do agree that it sums up the challenge of living in today’s culture. Blessings and keep coming back! You can subscribe if you like on the right hand side of the blog. SJD

  2. Thanks for the quote. have a great day

  3. Brittany Staires Says:

    thank you for blogging. I came across your blog from my friend Betsy’s. This quote is amazing and so powerful. Thank you for sharing this, and being a part of the Catholic blogging community!

    Praying for you.
    -Brittany Staires

    • sjdemoor85 Says:

      Thank you for checking it out. I am new to blogging, just trying to get it off the ground, any tips? Blessings

  4. Brittany Staires Says:

    Just blog about whatever you wants. Books, Scriptures, Deepness, whatever is going on, stories, God speaking to you. Sports, whatever you feel like. ha.

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