Why B-l—o-g?

Six months ago a friend said “Seth, you want to start a blog?” I vividly remember spelling the word out in my mind, b-l—o-g? Sure I had heard the word before, but only in passing on TV or talk radio. I’ll be honest, the blogging world was not on my A list of daily activities. But I had no idea what blogging really was, let alone how to go about it. Despite my false misconceptions, here I sit, beginning ‘Not On HIS Time.’ After some quick google and wikipedia searches, the act and purpose of blogging grows ever clearer. It has taken me about a month to create my blog as you see it now. Expert bloggers could probably do it in a couple hours. Despite my rookie status, I am excited to begin sharing insights into my life, thinking, and dreams through this new platform of communication.

Blogging as I see it. Not too long ago, the world did not have the world wide web. Dot com was not apart of everyday lingo. The phrase ‘Google it’ would have turned lost heads. But now, the world’s history is affected daily by the internet’s creation of instantaneous interconnectedness

Communication of yesteryears!

Communication of yesteryears!

between all seven continents. What once took years to receive news between Europe and Australia now takes just a ‘click.’ Somewhere up there our language flies about and plops down in our laps (a history major’s scientific insight ; ) Although this interconnectedness can be a true blessing for staying in touch, an err of caution must sit right next to that mouse. As soon as pecking away at a keyboard overtakes our daily relationships, then the blog becomes useless.

Nevertheless, sometimes face-to-face interaction is simply not possible, as is the case with most readers of this blog. For I am just three days into going public with my blog, and it has generated hits from all across the United States. To overcome

To be tied around hard drive and dropped in nearest body of water if necessary!

To be tied around hard drive and dropped in nearest body of water if necessary!

the long distance challenges between many of my friends, family, and those just passing through this platform, then the blog becomes an important tool of the modern age. Because when all technology is used cautiously, its result usually is healthy for all. But travel down the path of addiction to, resulting in the neglect of the really important blessings of this life, ‘then it is better to tie a mill stone around the hard drive and dropped in the sea.’ Therefore, let us continue to learn and grow through technology, but not to the expense of the everyday hello on the street.


3 Responses to “Why B-l—o-g?”

  1. Best of luck with your blog, Seth! Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. Starting is always easy but maintaining it is another and that’s what happens to me – In any case all the best

  3. Blogging is a ministry. It is personal Lectio Divina sent out to all the world where it becomes “faith sharing.” It’s a win win situation for yourself and your readers. Keep it up and you’ll see what I mean.

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